The Lone Star Ranch
Larry and Paula Reck
6586 FM 151
Whitewright, Texas 75491
Contact us:
Ranch phone: 903-364-5425
Larry's cell: 214-500-8185
Paula's cell: 817-592-5933
LSR Bruiser's Chrystal--If she had been a bull, her name would have been "Rudolf" with that red nose!
Sometimes you just have to wonder what they are thinking and what they say to each other about you!
Where you see one--you will always see the other. These two are best friends and look at that color!
"If we run fast, they'll never know we're gone!"
"Caught in the act! She wants to be a backyard cow."
A sunny day at the calf nursery.
There's nothing as sweet as a mom with her newborn.
Three Musketeers--Keegan and Hunter (grandsons) making friends with a new calf.
Bottle Baby--
Rebecca and Jason (2 more grandkids) enjoy feeding a calf.
Kyle, Rebecca, Keegan, Jason, and Hunter make friends with newborn Fancy Pants.
There's nothing like a nice warm bed of hay for a newborn on a cool day!
This little week old heifer has all ready learned how to play "King on the Mountain"!
Freedom Call giving guard donkeys Daisy and Jenny their assignments for the day.
Have you ever seen a longhorn bull trying to make snow angels?
Cattle for sale at all times and visitors always welcome!
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