Contact us:
Ranch phone: 903-364-5425
Larry's cell: 214-500-8185
Paula's cell: 817-592-5933
Cattle for sale at all times and visitors always welcome!
The Lone Star Ranch
Larry and Paula Reck
6586 FM 151
Whitewright, Texas 75491
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        RM's Mountain Man
 Respect Me X HCR Hot Stuff
              TH Rio Dakota

  JP Rio Grande X Star Allure

         Cowboy Dainty Lady Chex
 Cowboy Chex X HCR Golden Girl
          RM's Riverbelle
Respect Me X Rodeo's Sparkle
                  Watson 951

 Watson 631 X Watson 821
      HCR Latta Diva
      HCR X Latta 34
                     Respect Me Playgirl
 Respect M X Hunts HCR Rodeo Ghost
HCR's Texasdawns Sugar
Hunts Command Respect X
HCR Texasdawns Lady Bug
      War Bonnet's Blue Moon
LC 585 Bonnet X Day's Evita
      M Arrow Mocha Judy's Heifer
Pan Da Van X M Arrow Mocha Judy
            M Arrow Mocha Judy
Feisty Lee Jr X Mocha Leigh 2 CF2

            Blue Sapphire
Grand Marshall X Sweet Pea
RJF Lady Maxamillion with T-Bone Heifer
               Pan Da Van

Vanizm x Black Diamond ST
Lone Star Princess Rebecca
     Slater B817 X Mary 24/0
       HCR Lethal Candy Cane
HCR X Hunts Miss Lethal Weapon
         HCR Sweetheart
HCR X HCR Hunts Rodeo Cokecherry
          Iron Mike's Twinkle
Iron Mike ST X Winter Range ST
 HCR Texasdawns Lady Bug
  HCR X Day's Texas Dawn
           HCR's Golden Girl
HCR X Beau Chex Golden Girl
                    FR Gem
MArrow Tequilla Sunrise X JR Jewel
          Sittin Picture Perfect
RJF Sittin Rounder X RJF Lady Maxamillion
Pacific Mary Lou with Pan Da Heifer
               Pacific Sugar
Simba X Lazy J's Miss Perfect
Pacific Flanney
Simba X Kylie Leigh
Pacific Mary Lou
            Huckstress Switch
Switch X Huckstress Command

Pan Da Van X HCR Twinkle
Cowboy Hot T-Bone Chex X
M Arrow Fannie May
Respect Me TinCup Angel
Mysterious Pearl
                     Will Be Golden
Will Be Respected X Beau Chex Golden Girl
           LSR Spotty Dolly
Cowboy Chex X HCR Lethal Candy Cane
         LSR Pan Da Oreo
Pan Da Van X Cowboy Spotty Molly
            Blue Belle's Heifer
   Pan Da Van X M Arrow Blue Belle
Horse Head Easy Cash

Phenomenon X Horse Head Finely Carved
                     Diamond Rio

Roughneck Chex X Lone Star Princess Rebecca